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Friday, March 22, 2013

there appears to be some hope!

I went to a dermatologist several years ago about "the bumps" and the visit made me feel worse than the appearance of the bumps. He lifted my arm like I had leprosy and said what it was (but too fast for me to write it down); he said there was no cure and using a loofah wouldn't help. I was in tears. I use to live in the south and I didn't notice it as much because I always had a tan. But, since living in MN, I'm rarely in the sun and it is noticeable. I'm tired of not being able to wear certain clothes bcz of "the bumps". I've learned a lot on these forums and there appears to be some hope! Will try the milk baths and lotions with AHA.

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i wish there was a cure for KP

i've had KP ever since i can remember... its really depressing to see all this girls with beautiful legs..i hate the summer time because i'm sooo embarrassed to wear any type of shorts..i have red bumpy dots all over my legs and thighs..i wish i was normal all the time so that way i could be able to wear everything that i wish i could. i never wear shorts in public. i have never worn a dress. i know people talk about me when is super hot and im wearing jeans to hide my legs. i wish there was a cure for KP.. so that i for once can be a normal young woman who gets to wear shorts and dresses and gets to go to the beach and put on a bathing suit in the summer time :(

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KP my whole life

I am 14 and I am pretty sure that I have had KP my whole life. It's really bad on my arms and people are always asking me if I got a major sunburn (even in winter!). I went to my dermatologist a while back and found out there's no cure for my terrible skin. But this website showed me that there were other people out there struggling with this too.

Thank you!

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cure kp please

People please find a cure for this curse im only 19 and ive had it all my life dont want it any more.. or let me know if any one has had success with anything.....

Re: cure kp please

hi, i'm from india...i nevr knew i had kp when i was a all started to showup when i did my first waxing for legs when i was 16.......the next month i found ma leg india ppl were not all that bothered abt how ur legs are ....i thought it'll will fade of after some days...but it dint.....then i went to some dermatologist...she told i hav got ingrown hairs and suggested tretinoin 0.25%......i tried it...but nothin great happened.........i never bothered abt it......i used to take care of it on and i'm 22....nothing much has happened......i'm gonno get married in a few months and i feel distressed.....i'm doing a lot of things to get rid of it....i have it on the one side on both my legs and near the buttocks......i have kp which is not doesnt looks bad.....its been 4 months....i'm going for glycolic peels70% very 15 days and and i use dove body wash.......i use glycolic acid 12% in the morning and benzac ac 2.5% in the night..... i moistorise my skin with elovera(vitamin e + aloe vera in cream) i take vitamin a tablets.....hear omega 3 will help out..having them as well......???????plzzzzz help me...........??????????....many say it has faded.....but i want this to go.....india is humid.....and i have this problem stillllll..... how can ppl with KP remove thier hair.....waxing doesnt suit doctor suggested shaving and after that she suggested to apply uproot with lak am lact.......i'm cluless......

Re: cure kp please


I have been suffering with KP since I was 26. I'm now 43. A few weeks ago a friend was sharing some of his surprising results with Vitamin D3 + K2. I have been taking it for three weeks and my wife told me she thinks is has gone down about 90% on my arms and my thighs are still "large-pored" but the inflammation is gone.

Another thing I have been doing for several months is using Suave kids body wash (the no-tears formula.) I read that some people need higher pH soaps do to body chemistry and it has also helped with the pumping effects caused by some of my more affected areas.

As I have aged, I started to notice my developing KP above the ankles over the last year. It is already cleared up.

I have always thought my KP was due to a reaction to fragranced and dye-heavy shampoos and detergents (clothes) until I saw a dermatologist four years ago who diagnosed me with KP.

Please don't think i'm a vitamin quack, I really mean it has made a huge difference. Being the father of three, I assure you I do not have time to apply creams or moisturizer after showering each morning. I just hate the greasy feeling and the fact I feel old trying to reach all my 'places'. so it is not any of those contributing to my success.

Google it the text in my reply title, include Swanson if you think you might go easy, otherwise but them someplace else but for $8.00 for 60 'dots' can it be any less risky than the horrible burning stuff the Dr. prescribed for me the first time I was diagnosed? $30 (co-pay) for self-inflicted torture?

PLEASE try it!

I look forward to hearing from you in three weeks…


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Monday, July 14, 2008

Self confidence is at rock bottom

My whole family had keratosis pilaris at one point in their life. My mom, dad, and even my sister. When I was younger with keratosis pilaris on my upper arms they assured me it would go away. It didn't. It went away for all of them by freshman year but by senior year for me, my KP had progressed to my legs, butt, face, and all over my arms. I still have KP today and very little is helpful. I feel so ugly. I am cute in the face, with big blue eyes, blonde hair, and good bone structure. But I have never sought out a boyfriend because of my KP, and my self confidence is at rock bottom. I feel hideous.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KP on arms still noticeable with age

I have had KP for as long as I can remember. Luckily as I have gotten older (I'm 26 now) the KP on my face has gone completely away. I wish I could say the same for my arms!! The KP has faded on my legs a little, but it's still very noticeable on my arms. Gross!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why is it that sometimes...

I have KP on my legs and arms (it's worse on my legs). Sometimes the bumps on my legs are really red and sometimes I almost can't see them. Why is it? If I rub my skin they disappear (for a few seconds or minutes), I think that if I'm lying they don't look that bad either, however when I am standing up they do look really red. Why???
Does this happen to any of you? Or do your bumps look always the same?

Re: Why is it that sometimes...

Yeah it is very strange.Sometimes they are red en sometimes not. But what is very strange that if i stop sporting then they become red. For instance when I stop running then 5 minutes later they become red.

Auf wiedersehen .

me too

I notice this as well. On my legs, it seems to look worse when I'm standing rather than lying down. Also looks worse when I just get out of the shower. I'm not sure why this is.
I also notice that it appears different in different light. Direct sunlight usually makes it look good, whereas fluorescent light makes it look terrible.

Re: me too

I also notice this! Very strange indeed.

me too

I have noticed this as well, don't know why?

Re: me too

Same here, I wonder if it has anything to do with circulation?

Also looks worse when I just get out of the shower.

Mine looks worse after I shower too, at least until my body goes back to normal temperature.


I've noticed the whole light thing and the circulation thing too. I think its cause the light waves are different and different colors so the flourescent must penetrate deeper showing more of the irritation. The Sun has a yellow light in which I always look better in and I think must not penetrate as much or something. As for the circulation bit, the amount of blood in your bloodstream effects the blood pressure which affects the intensity of irritation. Have you notice the calmer you are the less irritation occurs. Hmm maybe we should all become buddhist monks and be in meditation all day so we look better... Or keep searching we will find something.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

KP Duty

Has any one used the product called KP Duty? It is made especially for KP.

The customer reviews got me really excited so I ordered it last night. ($36 for 4oz, yikes!) I sure hope it works.

Product Description

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a common skin disorder, typified by chicken skin bumps on upper arms, thighs, torso, buttocks and occasionally the cheeks. Excess skin forms around individual hair follicles, creating the characteristic minute, rough, grater-like bumps. KP Duty incorporates medically proven technology including ingredients for hydrated and healthy skin. Medically potent levels of Glycolic Acid blends with Urea, the dermatologist recommended humectant, to soften and smooth away the driest roughest skin.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I pick at my skin bumps

I have a little "picking" I pick at my little skin bumps. Usually I go for the more raised and inflamed ones, and usually squeeze or scrape off a solid white "puss" looking type ball. I then feel successful, and feel like I forever at least have removed one of these thousands of suckers....well, after reviewing your site, I guess that really doesn't help or cure much...I was just giving myself scars! Thanks for the helpful info!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bumps on the back of my upper arms

I think I have KP too. Ever since I can remember I've had tiny dry bumps on the back of my upper arms. I also got them sometimes on my thighs (which I thought was razor bumps) I started drinking a ton of water and green tea's and using aloe vera lotion and I dont seem to have much of a problem. Now my two year old is getting little bumps on her thighs and all down her arms. I was looking online to see what they might be. I think that she might have KP. Thanks for your info. I might be over drying her skin. I'm going to try moisturizing and giving her more water. I'll let you know If her's gets better. Is this hereditary, or just that common?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Too old for Keratosis Pilaris?

I am 30 yrs old and it seems I have developed keratosis pilaris on the front and backs of my thighs. Everything I've read about this skin condition suggests it occurs in teens and disappears by the 30's. Yet, I noticed after getting my legs waxed a few weeks ago that the skin on my legs had turned very pimply, like goosebumps. I can see every hair follicle on my legs - almost like freckles. I thought it was because of the waxing, but now I'm not sure. I don't think I have a vitamin A deficiency as I have taken vitamins everyday for years. I use lotion daily, but my skin seems to be dry anyway. We do have very hard water here in Houston. Could that be a factor in the dry skin? I also noticed my mother seems to have the same problem on her thighs. We both have very pretty legs except for this problem. Will this go away ever? And why did it occur so late? Help!!!

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Flushed cheeks and dots on arms & legs

I have had KP since I was a baby, but the lotions have never really helped me. I have permanently flushed cheeks with two matching white patches on each side, plus the dots all up and down my legs and arms. As a kid, other kids would always point and ask and tell me I had pimples and I'd just say, "No, I have a skin condition." ... THAT went well. Now I am 19 and really seeking treatment. Friends are always asking me if I have sensitive skin because I have such bad "razor burn". They don't believe me when I say it's not razor burn, so I have to show them my arms and say "Look, it's all over my arms, too. Does it look like I shave my arms?" I wish it would all just go away!

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Aging and KP, and more questions

Hey all, I've been suffering from KP since I was about 3 or 4 years old, and right now I am 16 years old. I became aware of keratosis pilaris 2 years ago but never looked deeply into it, because I always read articles saying it was uncurable and what not. Also, I hadn't had much support in treating it with minor creams so I pretty much put it off. The hot spots are located mainly in these areas; my forearms(Lots of small red dots, and underneath the forearm there are usually robust flesh bumps that I can pop and release a small white sprout, which I believe is keratin, but no red dots under the forearm just those large bumps.), my upper backside of my arms which are just covered in the red dots and every now and then a more robust dot that I can squeeze keratin out of, a little bit on my chest, the upper part of my thighs(Large flat red dots with a lot of space between them compared to my arms.), and sometimes right above my ankle I'll have a patch of KP showing, I never noticed it until I shaved my legs one day. I checked back after the hair grew and noticed they would be there at random times. I also have always had really rosey read checks with bumps that would come up sometimes, and I'm pretty sure that this isn't rosacea since it doesn't cover up my entire cheeks, mainly just the back part up to my ears, and some times my face will feel really hot in those areas, but other times my face will be entirely clear of any redness which mainly happens when I wake up.

Now to my question, I've read that KP sometimes goes away with age, and have heard the tale from a lot that it hasn't left them yet, but am wondering. Is there any way to tell if you will lose KP before the mid 20s to 30 or before? Like does intensity and location help determine the lasting effects of this disorder?

Also, what determines the intensity of KP showing? I haven't done any treatment for my keratosis pilaris up until now and a few times between the last year, and during the times I did nothing and from earlier years I recall my KP showing differently at times. Some times my arms will be glowing red practically with bumps, other times they will look clear and only 3 or 4 bumps are up and are far apart. I've noticed that when I excersise my keratosis pilaris flares up, well most of the times, some times I'll be normal. However, anytime I excersise my face glows red, but then again I'm a pretty pale guy.

I'm also wondering on the recommendation of using tanning beds. I know they have adverse skin side effects, but I also know that these side effects aren't things that happen as often as people claim they do. From what I've seen though, for some people KP vanishes with a fluxation in skin pigment color, and I've never seen/met anyone who was tan who had KP. A girl who I take classes with was talking to me a while ago about some bumps she was uncomfortable with on the back of her arm, and how they have subsided during times that she tans, and that she had done some heavy tanning for a few weeks once and after that most of the bumps cleared up, and she showed me the back of her arm and you could see that she had a serious case of KP at one time but it had cleared leaving on a few dots which had darkened a bit. I clearly remember her arms having KP from the year before, also.

Thanks for reading this and if you wish to contact me more personally on these matters my e-mail is (removed), however I think it would be more beneficial if you answered me publically on the forum for others with the same thoughts to see.

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Friday, March 28, 2008


Why on earth don't I read about kp in every beauty magazine? Why don't I see scores of products in WalMart for treating this embarrassing, COMMON disorder? How come half the dermatologists I go to laugh it off and tell me to live with it, or suggest some expensive product that only makes it worse?

I was STUNNED when I saw the Neutrogena product for "bumps on the backs of arms and legs". I'm so glad this is finally out there. This CAN'T be impossible to get rid of. I mean, they perform brain surgery, don't they? If 40% of people have this, how come celebrities have such smooth skin? There HAS to be a cure.

Please tell everyone you know about this site. GET THIS ISSUE OUT THERE. Someone has got to have an answer.

Sometimes I think that doctors and derms and the beauty industry don't WANT to cure this because everybody spends so much money trying to get rid of it.

Unfortunately the Neutrogena Skin Smoothing Body Lotion was discontinued.

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Originally posted 10/15/04 11:53 AM by "kpugly"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

African American female living with KP

I am an African American female and I've had KP all my life and I am now 21 and it shows no signs of clearing up anytime soon. My brother and my mother have it yet my mother looks as if she's never had it. (She's in her late 40's) So in order for a smooth feeling and look, body scrubs have been helping alot!! Especially using Eucerin soap and bodywash. It stops the irratation and makes my skin smooth and clear. Warm weather helps me alot so I love to go down south and spend a lot of time in heat!!

Good luck to everyone!!

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Toddler and newborn both have KP

My toddler and my newborn baby both have keratosis pilaris. They have the red cheeks and rough bumps all over their arms.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I just wish KP could be cured!

I have had keratosis pilaris on my face, arms, thighs, and legs ever since I was a child. I have lots of red dots on the tops of my legs (thighs). It's so embarrassing to wear a swimsuit!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now I know it's Keratosis Pilaris!

I am 30 years old and I've always had what I thought was eczema. Now I know it's Keratosis Pilaris! I have it on my arms, legs, thighs, and butt! It gets better when I tan in the sun, but I need some new treatments! Any suggestions?

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i never knew !!!

hi there...oh my god...i never knew that this was an actual condition. i have this since i was a teenager but i just accepted it and it never really bothered what if i have spotty arms...i really never thought too deeply about shocked that this is an actual skin well you learn something new every day!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Two year old has KP all over face, arms & legs

My daughter is only two & has KP all over her face (at least 100 per cheek), upper & lower arms & legs. Does anyone know if this will improve at least some?

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Medical term for my goosebumps

I'm 25 and have had KP my whole life, yet I didn't know the medical term until today when I discovered this website. I remember as a child my father using a sharp knife once trying to scrape the heads of the bumps off. My KP is on the backs of my upper arms, the tops of my thighs and butt. It's so embarassing hooking up with guys and asking me if I'm nervous cause I have "goosebumps".

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why me?

Im 14 years old. Im a male and im a freshman. Obviously kids cant accept that fact that I have Keratosis Pilaris. I get a comment almost every day that sounds like "What are those bumps on your arms!?" And its so embarrassing. Ive used many different products and none have seemed to work. Currently im using "Mama" lotion and it seemed to have gotten better but all of a sudden theyre even worse and even more are spread out on my arms. I have them on my arms, thighs and im starting to see them on my lower legs. I have to hide in a jacket even when really I dont want to wear one. Im so afraid of the comments I will receive if people see them. Its so stressful and contributes to my depression. I feel so unlucky but and helpless to get rid of them. Sorry if it seems like im complaining. I just need to let my feeling out for once.

PS- I have always had red cheeks but never thought it could be Keratosis Pilaris. But after reading other posts I assume it might be it as well. Is it?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

keratosis pilaris question

I've tried everything to help my KP and they never get better. I was wondering if anyone had information on whether a chemical peel like they do to faces would maybe work to help the condition. Maybe there's a dermatologist that belongs to the forum that could tell whether a procedure like this would work. Thank you!

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Wow there is a name for it!!

I am 33 and have had KP since I was a child. During my 20’s I went to the tanning bed alot and they were alot less noticable. Now that I am older I am looking for a more holistic approach. I’m now trying tea tree oil products, and my showers are shorter and less hot.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Keratosis Pilaris Information

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) - Characterized by the appearance of small rough bumps on the skin. Primarily, KP occurs on the back and outer sides of the upper arms, but can also occur on thighs and buttocks or any body part except palms or soles...

Keratosis refers to a localized overgrowth of the upper layer of skin. Pilaris pertains to the hair. In keratosis pilaris, the buildup of keratin (the hard protein in the skin, nails, and hair) is limited to the hair follicles.

For information about KP and products to treat it, click on the links below:

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Keratosis Pilaris Community

Half of the over-all population has Keratosis Pilaris (KP) are you one of them? KP is a dry skin condition that usually appears like goosebumps, on the back of the arms. Discuss this skin disorder with others on the Keratosis Pilaris Forum.